Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to turn the mouse heat off?

There is an on/off switch conveniently located on the cord.

Is my warm mouse too hot?

It might feel unusually warm when you first use it. It’s a new and unexpected response from your hand to your brain.

Can I use the warm mouse on a hot day?

You can use the warm mouse anytime, but it might feel too warm on a very hot day.

Will the warm mouse hurt my computer?

No. The warm mouse is low voltage (5v), safe for you and your computer.

Do I need to use a mousepad with the warm mouse?

No. The warm mouse is an optical mouse, no mousepad necessary.

Do I need additional software or drivers?

No. The warm mouse is Plug ‘n Play. Just plug it in!

What if my computer doesn’t recognize the mouse after plugging it in?

Leave the mouse plugged into your computer and reboot.

Can I use the mouse with a USB Hub?

No. The mouse requires a dedicated USB port.

Can I use the warm mouse with my laptop?

Yes. The warm mouse will work on any computer, PC, MAC or Laptop.