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Hello,Your product is fantastic , this is the 2nd one i've purchased & just wanted to mention that i found your site via a freelance website optimizer "CMIKE" as he promotes it. Just wanted to mention !

Happy Holiday 's.....


Very easy ordering process and was impressed by how quickly the product arrived. Mouse works great, it was a positive investment!


I live in a dessert where it is hot most of the year so they keep the AC on full tilt in my office and I suffer from poor circulation in my hands. This is a great product that helps.


Quick and efficient service. Item was despatched to the UK quickly.


Very happy with the service. Product arrived in a timely manner.


VThank you very much. I can not tell you how much I love that mouse!


We have 2 individuals in our office that require these mice and they have just thanked me every day since we got them. This is a wonderful product!


I can't thank you enough, wow, I am so impressed. I have (and will continue to) recommend your innovative product. I got your mouse because my hands are always cold.


My order was handled efficiently and quickly.


For moms going green, the WarmMe Warm Mouse is smart and practical, allowing her to keep warm without turning up the thermostat. The Warm Mouse uses just five volts to warm the user's hand, but that infrared heat is also a defense against carpal tunnel. What better way to tell a plugged-in mom that you care?


Installing the mouse, like most other USB peripherals was as simple as can be. I simply plugged it in to my Sony laptop running Windows Vista and within seconds, it was working. A warm amber glow emanated from the scroll wheel which looks nice when the lights are low. The heating element is controlled by a simple bush button switch located about a foot from the mouse that allows for easy control.

Maximum temperature was achieved within two to three minutes after plugging in the mouse.


I received my Warm-Me Mouse on a very cold day, so it was quite fitting to test it out during such a cold time. This mouse simply hooks into a USB port, and works within a few seconds. There is a button to turn the heater on or off on the mouse which make this mouse very versatile.

This heating mechanism in the mouse is very useful in those who suffer from carpal tunnel, arthritis, or live in a cold climate. I found the warmth to be quite comforting, especially since I spend such long periods of time on my computer (at least 6 hours a day according to my hubby). This mouse is also useful in the fact that it can be left plugged in and not cause any harm to the computer, or to the mouse itself. I have really enjoyed using this mouse, and will continue using it, especially during the winter, when it seems I can never get warm enough!


I really like my WarmMe warm mouse! Cold in the office today and this helps.


Very prompt and efficient service.


It was a present to my wife who has cold fingers even in Summer and she loves it!


Very good, excellent swift service.


Very fast and exactly what I wanted.


Thank you, I received my new Warm Me Mouse last week and it works beautifully! I love it so much I wish I had something to warm my other hand!


Thank you so much for sending me the warm mouse. I love it! I opened it and plugged it in as soon as the box came yesterday. So far, if my hand is on the mouse, the mouse heat is on!


I just plugged it in and WOW!!!! This is GREAT! I bet my husband is going to want one now. Shipping time is excellent! Can't go wrong here.